Panoramic flights

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Triglav 01

Bovec - Triglav

Duration: 20-25 min

Price per person: 120€

Max. number of passengers: 9

Airport: Bovec

About Triglav 01 Panorama

Fall in love with the beautiful alpine landscape during our panoramic flight over the highest mountain in Slovenia and the crystal clear Soča river and enjoy the breathtaking bird's-eye view of the world-renowned Lake Bled island in the midst of the Julian Alps.

Slovenian coast 02

Bovec - Slovenian coast

Duration: 30-35 min

Price per person: 160€

Max. number of passengers: 6

Airport: Bovec

About Slovenian coast 02

Fly over the beautiful Slovenian landscape to the Bay of Trieste and see some of the most beautiful Mediterranean historical cities along the Slovenian coast.

Pilot for ONE hour
Duration: 60 min
Duration of flight: 45 min
Price per person: 180€
Max. person: 1
Airport: Soštanj, Libeliče, Bovec
About pilot for one hour

Fly with an instructor pilot and get to know basic rules of flying on our flight across Slovenia.